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We can’t explain everything with our rational minds – and that’s a good thing

We can’t explain everything with our rational minds – and that’s a good thing

The only book about God that’s completely true, is a book with empty pages. After all, divinity surpasses our limited human imagination. 

If you focus on defining the divine, you will be fixated on the definition itself – and lose sight of the magnitude and depth of the thing you’re trying to define. It’s like trying to put the clouds in a box: sure, you’ll grab some air, but if you keep focusing on what’s in the box and stop looking at the ever changing clouds up there, you’ll miss more than you’ve got. And if you try to convince others that the cloud in your box is the only real cloud, you’ll move even further away from the truth.

Let mystery be mystery

It would be wise of us if we just let mystery be mystery. If we would resist the tendency to look for theories and explanations and stop trying to understand, capture, describe. There are no formulas, no guarantees, no diplomas. Francis of Assisi, one of my favourite mystics, supposedly once asked an almond tree if he wanted to speak about God. The almond tree started blossoming.

Experience the Higher

Divinity can’t be put into words. But we have our breath, our minds, our beating hearts and our soul driving us. We have two hands to grab the moment that the Higher makes us experience. We have two eyes to absorb everything the invisible has produced and to admire it. We have the silence in ourselves that connects to the incomprehensible and that puts a smile on our faces.

The closest to the truth of the divine we can get, is when we let go of all ideas, and pave the way to a true experience.

Text: Susan – Photo: Natalia Figueredo

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