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5 tips to help you sleep during a heatwave

5 tips to help you sleep during a heatwave

After a nice sunny day at the beach or in the park, you’d love to have a good night’s sleep. But within five minutes, you’re caught in a battle with your duvet, annoyed by mosquitos or dying for a glass of water. If you’re in desperate need of some rest, read along. This heatwave plan will help you to sleep tonight. 

Trick 1: welcome even the smallest breeze

It may seem like a bad idea, but even on a hot simmer night, it’s important to open the windows. The smallest breeze will bring some movement in the air and make it less sultry. Timing is crucial: open the windows as soon as the sun goes down, or once the temperature starts falling. During the day, it’s wise to keep the curtains closed.

Trick 2: hack your fan

Some say the fan only circulates hot air, but the key is to put it in the right place. If you put it in front of an open door or window, cooler air will be blown inside, allowing your bedroom to cool down more quickly.

Another trick: fill plastic bottles up to three quarters with water and put it in the ice box. Once the water has frozen, put the bottles in a basket and put them in front of the fan. The fan will blow cool air now.

Trick 3: lovely linen

During a heatwave, a big duvet may seem far too hot, but we prefer sleeping under something – it just feels cosier. The right linen can improve your sleep quality. If it’s over 20 degrees, it’s best to stick to sheets, and linen is the best. Because the fabric has fewer threads than cotton, it’s much airier. Besides, it’s very absorbing – perfect in sweaty weather.

Trick 4: Spartan cool down

It may sound a bit rigorous, but it works great: put your pillowcase, or a washing clothes, in the freezer for a while. The cold fabric will allow you to fall asleep nice and calm.

If your feet are really hot, give them a cool (not ice cold) bath before going to bed. Your feet are like heat regulators – if they can’t get rid of their heat, hot flashes will come and get you during the night.

Trick 5: Choose your drinks wisely

Leave the coffee and alcohol for a while, because it will help you to fall asleep. And no matter how tempting, forget about ice cold drinks from the fridge. These drinks lower your internal body temperature, forcing your body to warm up very quickly. A cup of tea has the opposite effect – and a nice bed time tea like chamomile or lemon balm will make you extra sleepy.

Text: Alies Versteeg – Photo: Vladislav Muslakov

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