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Do You Keep Getting Headaches, or Other Physical Discomfort? This is What it Means

Do You Keep Getting Headaches, or Other Physical Discomfort? This is What it Means

Our mental state influences our physical wellbeing – that’s nothing new. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are based on that principle. But why does that headache keep bothering you? How do you get rid of the stress-induced pain in your throat? And what about the menstrual trouble?

Psychosomatics offers a better understanding of your physical complaints. Don’t expect everything to heal spontaneously, or to come across truths that are set in stone, just use the knowledge to explore the symbolism of your physical symptoms. These are a couple of the most common physical problems and what they mean, according to the book Krankheit als Symbol (Illness as a Symbol) by Margit Dahlke.

Urinary Infection

Psychological pressure and the challenge of letting go, that’s what Dahlke links to a urinary infection. You’re letting go of something that was essential to you, and that’s painful. A urinary infection symbolises letting go. The challenge is to just let it happen.

Throat Ache

Throat ache is known as a herald for the flu, but sometimes there’s no flu involved. It’s often related to problems in the area of communication and expression: Matters of the throat chakra. A throat ache represents defending the way to your inner world: Not swallowing everything anymore. A recurring throat ache challenges you to find out what it is you don’t want to swallow anymore.


When your voice is hoarse, it doesn’t show its full potential. It’s the voice of someone who can’t stand for what they’re saying yet. Illness, yelling and smoking can make a voice more hoarse, but the source of it is that the voice isn’t fully supported by the abdomen. People with a hoarse voice, according to Dahlke, should learn to be silent and turn inwards.


A misbalance between the heart and the mind causes a headache. According to Dahlke’s book, it represents a heavy head: Perfectionism and willpower can be obstacles. You need both qualities, but sometimes they cross a line, causing your headache. Dance, go outside, paint. Empty your mind by being and thinking playfully.

Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual disorders, in the most broad sense, are connected to sexuality and a complicated mother-daughter relationship. On a deeper level, the fear of a new life or death, the circle of life, can be a cause.


Hayfever can be a symbol for fear of impulsiveness and love. Especially spring, with all its plants and flowers in bloom and pollen flying around, make patients’ noses stuffy. It’s a reaction to a time that represents new life and reproduction, that’s why it’s linked to love.

Text: Fabienne Peters – Photo: Asdrubal Luna

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