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Did you fail? Congratulations. This is how you can use it to your advantage

Did you fail? Congratulations. This is how you can use it to your advantage

Sometimes in life, things don’t turn out the way we had planned. We tend to see that as failure. But we forget to see the lessons the failure brings. Five tricks that might help you to look at failure differently. 

1. Love what you’re doing

Who doesn’t dream of thinking up this brilliant idea that places you between Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg? But why do we want to do something brilliant? We don’t need to do something outstanding to be happy. Loving what we do is much more important than success. If you love what you do, and it fulfils you, you’re more likely to try something new after failing – and that’s usually when the best ideas come to mind.

2. Fall in love with the process

Try to think of the entire process as a challenge – don’t just focus on the top of the mountain. Give every step your love and attention, as if it’s a little plant. Who’s helping you while you’re walking up that mountain? It’s the people who matter in your life. The ones who respect you for the effort you’re putting into it.

3. Challenge yourself

If you’re afraid of failure, and things don’t go the way you planned, you might think ‘I knew it, I failed’. But ‘failure’ can be a good thing. A new direction can bring a fresh perspective. Being open and not blaming yourself when things go differently, can help you to improve your situation.

4. Think of a special mantra for yourself

Sometimes it helps to have a mantra. The power of it is in the repetition, and it helps to link it to a positive affirmation. For instance: ‘I am strong. I believe in myself, even if things go wrong. I believe I’m able to get up again, and persevere with renewed courage.’ It helps to cherish the little victories after a mistake, and to be proud of yourself.

5. Lose, learn and learn again

Be realistic when it comes to expectations. Whatever you start, you’ll find obstacles on your way. There’s nothing wrong with that: failing teaches you new things. Everyone fails. We repeat: everyone fails. It’s about how you get up again after you’ve fallen, and try again, until you succeed.

Photo: Gabriel Sanchez

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