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Why we should all spend fifteen minutes a day singing – because it sets us free

Why we should all spend fifteen minutes a day singing – because it sets us free

You don’t have to be a nightingale or know the lyrics to practice this form of mindfulness. If you take fifteen minutes every day to express your feelings by singing, takes you into a happy state. 

Singing takes you into a world that’s all about light, colour, vibration, movement, emotion. There are no boundaries there, no countries. It’s the world behind the words; the words that limit us, because they’ll never really be able to express how we feel. Singing does the trick. It takes us beyond the words and connects us to our body, the earth, the moment.

Fifteen minutes a day

That’s what Will Hewett – transformation consultant, coach, vocalist and improviser – discovered when he decided to sing fifteen minutes a day for a whole year. According to Will, our bodies experience the world of self expression 24/7, but we have the tendency to cover it in words. He explains how that works in his inspiring TED talk.


During his ‘challenge’, initially, he just sang at home. It was a safe environment where he was free to sing. But soon enough, he discovered the beauty and meaning of sounds in the street, in the woods. He started improvising to the sound of a scooter passing by, to animals around him, to the call for prayer in a mosque. He sang on a plane. When he didn’t feel like singing, he expressed his feelings in sounds of resistance and refusal. But he kept singing.

The fifteen minutes became his central point of focus of each day, the center of the rest of his world. Time wasn’t dominant anymore. Listening to the sounds of the moment made him feel part of that very moment. He didn’t think about what he wanted to sing, he just listened to the sound his voice produced when he opened his mouth.

Listen to the voice of your heart

Making sounds and using your voice frees your emotions. According to Karina Schelde, Danish expert in the field of voice work and founder of the SoulVoice method, our voice is the most powerful instrument we have. Producing sounds allows you to connect with your abdomen, where your power is. A voice can heal you and cause changes in your awareness.

Karina’s Soul Voice method is all about being aware of the bigger perspective of your life. ‘There’s a voice in our hearts that calls us and wants to be heard. The possibilities of our voice frees us from who we are, and helps us to find the way to our source of creativity.’

Both Hewett and Schelde think of the voice as a connecting factor between a person and the bigger picture.

In the car, in the shower or in the park: sing!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re singing, it doesn’t matter: as long as you sing. It’s about producing your personal sounds and expressing yourself, inspired by whatever is going on in your life. Why wouldn’t you try it?

Text: Eline Hoffman – Photo: Mariana Vusiatytska

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