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This is how you make your working life more meaningful

This is how you make your working life more meaningful

It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant or a cleaner: everyone can make their job meaningful. That’s what writer and blogger John Coleman found out after years of research. These four tricks can help you to find more purpose in your job.

Think about who it is you’re serving

In the end, who is it that you’re serving? Connect to these people, invite the ultimate consumer, get to know them and let them inspire you.

Shape and refine your work

It’s satisfying to do your job in the most meaningful way possible and, at the same time, dedicating yourself to perfecting the skills you need for it.

Invest in positive relationships

Who you work with, is just as important as what you’re doing. When you’re striving to improve the relationships with your colleagues and customers, you add meaning to your work.

Know what you’re working for

Your work enables you to spend money on things that contribute to other people’s happiness. Your daughter gets the chance to play the piano and by treating your friend to a day out, you’re making her happy.

Photo: Christin Hume

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