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This is how you can have the best bed time conversations with your child

This is how you can have the best bed time conversations with your child

What are you proud of? What made you happy today? Asking the right questions on your child’s bedside, will help them to relax and smoothly fall asleep. It’s a nice and simple family ritual they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

From day to night. From light to dark. From action to rest. For grownups, it can be difficult to make that transition – for children, it’s even harder.

Crossing the boundary to complete relaxation, being ‘forced’ to surrender, give in to sleep… that’s complicated.


Children tend to rebel against rules and boundaries – just like we do, for instance in traffic. By making up clear rituals and being consistent about them, you offer your child safety and something to hold on to.

Twelve questions for a good conversation with your child

These questions help your child to close off the day and go to sleep calmly.

What are you proud of?
What will you be dreaming of tonight?
What made you happy?
What didn’t you like? What do you want to do differently tomorrow?
What compliment would you give yourself today?
What trick can you think of to make tomorrow an even better day?
What would you want to do again tomorrow?
What did you learn today?
Which thoughts are you saying goodbye to?
What made you feel calm today?
What are you grateful for?
Did you have a laugh today?

Photo: Annie Spratt

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