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Bring a trampoline – and other creative ways to make your working life more fun

Bring a trampoline – and other creative ways to make your working life more fun

Do you miss the time when you looked forward to going to work? There are lots of ways to re-introduce the fun at your office. This is how you spice up your working days. 

1. Shake it off

A football, hula hoop, table tennis table, volley-ball, trampoline will do the trick.

2. Start a meeting with 20 jumping jacks

The blood starts flowing, you feel more active and will be more productive right away.

3. Challenge each other for 30 days

… to sleep at least 7 hours a night, drink 8 glasses of water a day or run a mile a day. Of course, there’s a prize involved.

4. Daily recess

Schedule 15 minutes of non screen time in the afternoon. Just to go out, or have a nice chitchat.

5. Is there an empty space at your office?

Transform it into a lounge, preferably with real grass, comfortable chairs, board games and yoga mats. There’s one rule: no talking about the job.

6. Pick a theme for one day of the week

For instance: Aloha Friday, with a Hawaii-themed dresscode.

7. Plants make people happy.

So the greener you can turn your office, the better.

8. Do you have satisfied customers, partners or shareholders?

Put positive messages, prizes and other forms of recognition in a place where everyone can see them, especially the ones who have worked hard for it.

9. Schedule a trade market

For presents you would like to trade for something else.

10. Tea for the soul

Tea time! Get hot water, assorted teas and healthy snacks and put inspiring cards on the table. Pick a card in turns.

Photo: Brooke Cagle

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