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Curious about detoxing? Find out what type of detox is good for you

Curious about detoxing? Find out what type of detox is good for you

Detoxing is becoming popular. More and more detox programs are available that can be done at home or under supervision. They’re often far less strict than rigorous traditional fasting. However, it’s important to follow your own instincts when it comes to your body. What suits you? What makes you feel good?

What suits you?

There’s only one person who can feel exactly what’s good for you and that’s you. By asking yourself a number of questions, you can find out what kind of detoxing is right for you.

1. Do you ever ask yourself if your eating pattern is good and do you lead a (too) busy and stressful life?

2. Do you eat healthy food, have no specific physical complaints but just want to give yourself an energy boost?

3. Would you love to drop a few kilos but you’re otherwise healthy?

4. Have you suffered from physical and mental complaints such as insomnia, fatigue, headaches and flu-like symptoms for some time?

If you answered questions 1 and 4 with ‘yes’, then it’s sensible to opt for personal supervision when embarking on your detox adventure. Ask for advice from a holistic nutritionist, holistic doctor, a regular doctor specialising in nutrition or an Ayurvedic doctor or therapist. A good rule of thumb: those who know what they’re talking about will listen closely to what you tell them about your body and eating habits.

Want to know more about detoxing? In Happinez: Shine your light, there’s a Detox File full of inspiration for detoxing at home – from ayurvedic detox juices to basic rules and the best ways to take care of your body and soul while detoxing.

Photo: Carli Jeen

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