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How to be a better person? These 18 values will help you, every day

How to be a better person? These 18 values will help you, every day

If you apply the song of the 18 ities (written by swami and yogi Swami Sivananda) to your life, you will grow as a person. The words of the ities are like mantras.

The beauty of the ‘Song of the 18 ities’ is also in the connection between the ities. You keep using the new insights you have gained. The one ity may be easy, the other one may be a challenge.

Living with the 18 ities

1. Serenity

A moment of serenity, that’s where it all starts. In a state of serenity, your mind is quiet, there’s nothing that disturbs your thoughts.

2. Regularity

Habits get into your system. It takes time to change.

3. Absence of vanity

What is beautiful and what isn’t? Saying goodbye to vanity also means: raising above your ego.

4. Sincerity

Be sincere, not just towards others, but also to yourself. Put off your mask, acknowledge your mistakes and oddities. Learn to accept who you are.

5. Simplicity

What’s the most important thing you want to do today? Do that. The rest will come. Keep things simple and manageable.

6. Veracity

Don’t exaggerate things, don’t change the facts, speak the truth, don’t contradict yourself. It is possible to be fair, yet friendly and respectful?

7. Equanimity

Every dark cloud has a silver lining – sadness is part of life, but so is joy.

8. Fixity

If you can keep your thoughts and emotions from playing pinball depending on what is happening around you, you’re able to focus your attention.

9. Non-irritability

There’s always something in the way between your plans and real life. But you know what the good news is? You know it will happen, so keep it in mind, make sure there’s time and space for it.

10. Flexibility

It’s about being able to adapt to every situation: what does this situation need, right now?

11. Humility

No one is worth less than you, and no one is worth more than you.

12. Tenacity

What’s your goal in life? If you’re able to keep it in mind, you will be steadfast.

13. Integrity

The things you do and say, are loving and trustworthy.

14. Nobility

Being willing to see the good in other people. Be friendly and respectful, motivate others and show your appreciation of what they do.

15. Magnanimity

It’s forgiving by giving. Judging actions, not the actor. It’s difficult, it takes time.

16. Charity

It’s about actions of love. Taking care of others. Helping.

17. Generosity

Look at yourself as a guardian of things, not as an owner. You can give stuff away to people who need them.

18. Purity

Your environment needs to be clean and pure. It’s a metaphor: if your windows are clean, you can have a clear look. Glass is like a mirror. Through yourself, you see the world.

Photo: Rocksana Rocksana

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