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What will March bring for your mind, body and soul?

What will March bring for your mind, body and soul?

This month of March will be intense, according to our astrologist. Never a dull moment with Venus and Mercury in Aries: conflicts may arise, it’s also a time for new love. 

Saturn in Capricorn makes you aware of time

For the biggest part, in March the planets Venus and Mercury are in Aries. This makes all of us a bit more impulsive and more direct in love and relationships. It might lead to you meeting nice new people, but it can also cause agitation!

A planet of compromises

Venus is a planet that loves harmony and peace, compromising and getting closer to each other, despite differences. For sustainable relationships, you need a little Venus, like the cement that keeps the masonry together. THat’s why Venus is referred to as the love planet.

Communication is every bit as important for relationship. It’s under the influence of Mercury. The words we pick, the things we say –and don’t say- touch other people’s hearts and form the tones to the melody of your relationships.

No easy energy

In March, Venus and Mercury go out together. Starting March 7, they are in Aries. Especially for Venus, it’s not an easy energy. Aries thinks in black and white, is impulsive and straight forward, and also a bit egoistic. You are the most important. So get rid of the compromises, stop temporising, it’s about choosing your own path now.

Mercury makes it even more intense, because communication gets more straightforward, too. We say what we think, and what we want to say, without reserve, regardless of who we’re talking to.

Because Mercury and Venus go together, we feel a stronger need for contact and talks. But when we’re together, conflicts may arise – that, or we fall in love!

How to make the best use out of the energy of Mercury and Venus in Aries

For all relationships, the month of March is like a small test. But if you are always the one giving, while the other one is taking, now is the time for you to restore the balance. You feel more articulate and you realise when the other person is asking unjust things of you. With the support of Mercury and Venus, it’s easier for you to say ‘no’, and –perhaps after some discussion- it will restore balance in your relationship.

Would you like to fall in love again, even if life is perfectly fine on your own? March is the time! Let people know you’re on the market. Apply fora n event or a dating site, ask a friend to set up a blind date for you. Hunting season is open. All you have to do is let nature do its job.

Realise that in March, we’re all a little more crude than we usually are. We all say things that may hit close to home. Try to look on the bright side, a Mercury quality. Just step back, put yourself and the situation in perspective, and you’ve gained a friend instead of an enemy

Text: Johanna Blok – Photo: Jeremy Thomas

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