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You are perfect, just the way you are: these 4 insights help you to be more aware of that

You are perfect, just the way you are: these 4 insights help you to be more aware of that

Are you feeling uncertain, or just a bit unstable? Don’t worry. These insights will help you to regain your power, especially when times are tough.

1. Know that you’re stronger than you think

Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to trudge through the mud, when you’re experiencing adversity. What’s most helpful then, is to think back on a time when you turned out to be stronger or more inventive than you thought. Ask yourself the question: could this be a moment like that, will I surprise myself again?

2. You are loved

When the world seems to weigh a ton, it can be hard to ask for help. Think of the people who are close to you, and imagine they are surrounding you. Think of their warm smiles and soft touches, and you will feel a wave of love taking hold of you. Try to imagine how a friend or family member would see your situation. If you were in their position, you would probably want to comfort you, too.

3. Don’t be ashamed

Please know that it’s perfectly fine to struggle sometimes. Accept your insecurity and fear, it will help you to reduce the weight of the feelings. Allow yourself to be in the dark sometimes, allow yourself to fail, because it’s not about the failure, but about getting up again.

4. Discover the power of your breath

Did you know that the magic potion against stress is always with you? If you feel like your fears are getting the better of you, take a few deep breaths – the first one will probably have a strong effect already. By breathing in and out slowly and focusing your attention on your breath, you’ll calm down. Put your hand on your belly and breathe out through your mouth. Repeat it a few times and you’ll find that you’ve calmed down.

Photo: Brooke Cagle

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