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Find your mojo: this is how you’ll fall in love with life all over again

Find your mojo: this is how you’ll fall in love with life all over again

Philosopher Lisette Thooft reveals the secret to lust for life in six steps.

Lust for life is the thrilling enthusiasm and willingness to live your life. No human life was ever filled entirely with fun. There are always moments of stress, discomfort and frustration. There’s no avoiding that. And there’s nothing unnatural about nót feeling high-spirited all the time.

Lust for life is when you feel you’re in the middle of the stream, that you’re part of it. If nothing is streaming… you’ve lost your lust for life. Don’t despair. In order to feel free again, all you have to do is follow these steps.

Step 1: Breathe yourself free

Many people breathe too quickly. The result is a hurried, restless feeling. Holding your breath causes stress. Then there’s the non-breathers, who keep their breathing as silent as possible when times get difficult, just to keep themselves from feeling too much. Breathing quietly and consciously helps you to feel better, to be more present.

Step 2: Connect to nature

Go outside. In nature, everything aims to grow and blossom. Connect to it. Take a walk, work in the garden, look at the stars and feel part of nature.

Step 3: Avoid messes

Clean out things. It doesn’t matter what it is: a drawer, your entire desk, your handbag or the shed. The things you clarify in the material world, give you a clear feeling inside.

Step 4: Discover something new

Change a habit, do something new. If you’re right handed, start doing things with your left hand. Or the other way around. Try a new route to work. Everything new stimulates your inner fountain.

Step 5: Be creative

Make something, create. Arrange a huge bouquet of flowers, bake pie or write a poem. Using your own creative abilities is an entrance to the source of all creativity.

Step 6: Count your blessings

Appreciate the little things. Doesn’t that cheese sandwich taste wonderful? I received such a nice e-mail. And all of a sudden you look up, to the blue sky filled with creamy clouds and birds frolicking around, filled with lust for life.

Photo: Brooke Cagle

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