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Things the new moon can teach you about love and letting go

Things the new moon can teach you about love and letting go

Yesterday, on February 15 late at night, it was new moon. Although the moon’s spectacle was invisible, the creative power of the new cycle is tangible. 

During the first two weeks of a moon cycle, our life energy grows with the moon, and many people experience an energy boost. Astrologists say it’s the best time to make a new start and make plans for the future – your love life is part of that.

These 3 tips help you to let the power of the moon work in your favour – when you have to let go of an old love, or want to make room for new sparks.

Tip 1: Let go of everything that doesn’t regard love

TO welcome something new in your life, you’ll have to let go of the old. Clean up unfinished business in love, but do it your way. You can delete all their contact information cold turkey, make excuses you’ve been needing to make for a long time, or write a letter to work out your feelings and say goodbye to a difficult time.

All this unfinished grief takes more room than you might think. Room you could use for new, light and loving contact.

Tip 2: Know what you’re looking for

The energy that’s released during new moon, brings you a clear perspective on your wishes and desires. It’s a great time to reflect on relationships that were broken – by another or by you. What did you miss in them? And was there anything missing in you?

It can be helpful to write down what you’re looking for in a new relationship, and what you would like to offer as a love partner. Write down everything you can think of and take the time to empty your head.

Tip 3: Phrase your love wish during new moon

Look at it as some sort of dating ad you’re sending into the world. Without you being aware of it, we’re all sending energy into the universe, and it has more impact on your relationships than you might think.

Do you think you might be single forever? Then your energy is different than if you’re opening up to love – in all its shapes and forms. By phrasing your love wish and repeating it as an affirmation, you’re welcoming love.

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