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Looking for love? These are the best places to find Mr or Mrs Right

Looking for love? These are the best places to find Mr or Mrs Right

In order to find the love of your life, online dating isn’t inevitable. Most people still find their object of love offline. It’s much more exciting and more fun: making eye contact without knowing their name or whether they would swipe you to the right.

The library

What’s more romantic than finding love at the library? A pair of beautiful eyes looking at you from the other side of the bookcase, or getting caught up in a spontaneous conversation about that collection of poems you’re taking home.

The gym

Admittedly, a sweaty face and a functional sports outfit might not make you feel super attractive, but a series of squats and lunges might be the starting point for something beautiful. The love of your life will see you at your less glamorous moments more often, so if this is the place where you hit it off, you know you don’t have to pretend.

The organic supermarket

It seems lots of relationships start at the supermarket: at the vegetables department, or in front of the frozen pizzas. It makes sense, if you think about it: all the time we spend there every week. At the organic supermarket, your chances are probably even better, because you’ll know a little bit more about them: just like you, they do their best to live consciously.

Doing voluntary work

It’s always easier to get to know someone when you’re both busy doing something. Especially when the two of you have the same purpose: to make your town a better place, for instance. If you meet at a voluntary job, you have something interesting in common, and you’ll know they are willing to commit to something.

At a course or workshop

Remember Ghost, the movie starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze who fall in love head over heels during pottery? Any creative course (photography, drawing portraits, DIY… whatever you like) is a brilliant place to meet someone. You’re having fun, learning something new, meeting new people in a spontaneous, easy way.

Photo: Jared Sluyter

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