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20 questions to ask yourself at the end of the year

20 questions to ask yourself at the end of the year

You can start incorporating good habits any time you want to, you don’t need the start of a new year for it. However, this is a great time to reflect. Even if you’re not into new year’s resolutions, it’s useful to look back and make new plans. What went well, and what do you want to change in 2019? 

If you’re a perfectionist, you probably focus on the things you don’t cherish from last year. That’s a shame, because you must have experienced lots of small and bigger positive things too. Along the way, you’ve become an even better of yourself. If you focus solely on what could have gone better, you tend to miss these little victories.

Ask yourself these questions

This questionnaire made by psychologist and author Alice Boyes can help you to focus on the little successes. Answer all of the questions, or pick the ones you like. Don’t make it complicated, don’t worry if there’s a question you don’t know the answer to. The most important thing is to have fun, and enjoy the beautiful, funny, surprising and educational memories they evoke.

* What’s the best discovery you made last year?
* What was the biggest surprise?
* What’s your favorite purchase?
* Which new routine or habit brings more efficiency, at home or at work?
* Which difficult challenges did you meet, in stead of walking away from them?
* At which point did you ask for help?
* Which relationship surprised you in a positive way?
* Who should you thank for what they did for you last year?
* What did you learn or develop?
* Which dream or goal did you give up – to your satisfaction?
* Is there a quality or skill you’ve become more certain about?
* Which simple pleasures made you happy last year?
* Which goal did you work on, or reach?
* Which technological tool made your life easier?
* What did you change your mind about?
* What did you try without success, although it did teach you something?
* Did you start thinking about yourself in a different way? How?
* Is there a bias you had, that you’ve become aware of last year?
* Are there new things that make you feel good, or that you love?

Or ask someone else…

Asking the questions to someone else is just as interesting as asking yourself. Pick the questions you find most interesting and give them to your partner / family member / friend, and ask them to do the same for you. Interesting conversation guaranteed!

Text: Sanne Eva Dijkstra – Photo: Chinh Le Duc

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