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This is how you make the best bucket list for 2019

This is how you make the best bucket list for 2019

What made you happy last year, and can you take all that with you into 2018? Reflecting on the moments that made an impression last year, makes it easy to compose a bucket list for the new year.

By reliving the most beautiful, most special moments of 2018, and taking the time to write them down, you think of all the things you would want to do in the new year. What makes you tick? What brings you happiness?

Meditate and find peace

Pick a day that feels good, and choose a place where you’re comfortable. Browse through the year using your diary and your photos. Once you’ve done that, do a mini meditation.

Think about the best times

Sit down in cross-legged position, and meditate holding a gem in your hands. The rest you find after meditating is the perfect starting position for making a scheme for the next twelve months. Add a word for each month. Jot down the best moments, and try to connect them in your mind: what do they have in common?

Write your bucket list

Once you’ve done this, get a new, empty piece of paper on which you make your bucket list for 2019. Use the best moments of 2017 as a guideline. There it is: your own bucket list, a guide all through 2019.

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