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25 small acts of kindness to perform during the holidays

25 small acts of kindness to perform during the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Wouldn’t it be great if you could help others to have a wonderful time, too? It’s in the little things. 25 small acts of Christmas kindness. 

1.   Put up notes with a kind message in the elevator or at an ATM

2.   Just chat with someone while waiting at the bus stop.

3.   Bring a box of non-perishable foods to the food bank.

4.   Take flowers to the nurses at the hospital.

5.   Drop a book you enjoyed in someone’s mailbox.

6.   Bring people who work outside coffee: the welfare worker, the person selling papers at the stall.

7.   Help an elderly person packing groceries at the supermarket.

8.   Smile at the mother with the crying child at the train.

9.   Drop a pair of gloves at a bench in the park, for people who can use them.

10. Ask your single neighbor to come over for dinner.

11. Give a small present to the mailman.

12. Donate to a small local charity.

13. Offer someone to go first when you’re waiting in line.

14. Bring a Christmas decoration to an elderly person.

15. Call your uncle or aunt, just to have a chat.

16. Put up bird-seed in the garden.

17. Take some toys to the children’s charity.

18. Donate blood at the blood bank.

19. Send someone a message to wish them a nice day.

20. Take some extra lunch to work and treat your colleagues to a nice salad.

21. Send someone you love a postcard.

22. Clean up garbage in your street or in the park.

23. Volunteer at the food bank, the homeless shelter, the animal shelter…

24. Give an extra tip at the restaurant: working during the holidays is hard labor.

25. Give away stuff you don’t use anymore.

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