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4 ways to gain access to your intuition

4 ways to gain access to your intuition

There are several ways to gain access to your intuition – the vast cosmic awareness from which inner knowledge, new ideas and insights are born. These four methods help you to let your intuition do the talking.

Method 1: Sleeping

‘Let me sleep on it’: that’s always a good idea. Ask the question or verbalise the quandary you’re confronted with clearly, preferably out loud, before you go to sleep. Or write it down and put the paper on your bedside table or under your pillow. Now you can let go of the problem: it’s taken care of. Just have a good night’s sleep and let the spirit world solve your problem.

In your sleep, you descend into the deepest of your soul, and find cosmic awareness. Possibly, you dream of an answer, but you don’t have to – so don’t worry if you usually don’t remember your dreams.

Sometimes when you wake up (or in the shower) you immediately know the answer. Other times, you have a ‘revelation’ later in the day. If the day doesn’t bring you answers, repeat the process. If it’s a big question you’re struggling with, it may take several nights to find out what it is you need to do.

Method 2: Visualisation

Many spiritual methods use a guide. It’s best to get started in a relaxed state. You just have a seat in a comfortable chair, imagine you relax completely, that your whole body is warm and lax, especially by imagining there’s a warm water stream flowing over your shoulders. After that, you can slowly count to ten, while descending ten-step stairs or walking up a hill – all in your mind, of course.

When you get to ten, you imagine your guide is waiting there for you and welcomes you kindly. You ask them your question. Quietly wait for the answer and thank them before getting up the stairs again, or down the hill. If there’s no answer, it’s probably too soon. Or you’re too focused on an answer, and therefore too tense. Somewhere in the days after, you might suddenly feel the answer arise in you. Don’t forget to thank your guide.

Method 3: Be your own guide

You can also imagine you are your own guide. Imagine you’re in an ideal place, in an ideal situation. Everything is alright, you feel relaxed, nothing is bothering you. What would you recommend to someone else posing your question or struggling with your problem?

If you need to make a difficult choice, remember something that recently made you very happy. Think about the feeling it gave you and enjoy it for a second. Then decide which choice suits that feeling the most: choice A or choice B?

Method 4: Oracles

An oracle can help you to get in touch with your inner knowledge, too. For it to work, it has to resonate with something you already know about yourself – even if you’re not aware of it. That’s why you have to put up a little ceremony for most of them: you have to shake cards and lay them out, or throw a couple of coins or dices. All of these are ways to distract you from normal, logical thinking – away from the left side of your brain. It brings you in a different, meditational sate, the state where you find access to the source of deep knowledge. The oracle’s answer leads you to your own inner source of wisdom.

Photo: Brooke Cagle

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