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This piece of art might change the way you look at the people around you


Each one of us has their own unique color.

We are all equal, regardless of the color of our skin, our social status, age or gender. That’s what artist Angélica Dass wants to show us with her project ‘Humanae, work in progress.’

The Brazilian artist Angélica Dass was born in a colourful family. Her father is the son of a maid, and he inherited her chocolate skin. Her mother was the daughter of a Brazilian woman, and her skin was cinnamon, mixed with a little hazelnut and honey. Her sister, however, has the skin of a grilled peanut, while the other sister is beige like a pancake.

Growing up in a family with so many diversities, color is completely irrelevant for Dass. But she finds out that it is relevant for other people. She lives in Brazil, that was the last country in the world to put an end to slavery. Her skin is brown, but it’s called black. She’s gotten used to it, but deep inside, she still feels a strong resistance.

In her photography, Angélica gets us thinking about how we see the color of skin and different ethnicities. It’s about humanity’s ‘true colours’, rather than the color labels that are associated with race. In this TED Talk, she tells us about the story behind her project.

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