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Do You Have a Soulmate? Guess What: There are Three Types of Them

Do You Have a Soulmate? Guess What: There are Three Types of Them

It happens: some people meet for the first time and immediately know they’re meant for each other. How many stars do you give the relationships in your life? 

Type 1: Five Star Soulmates

What’s the most important thing between two soulmates in love? “The essence is about recognizing each other’s ideas and life mission,” writer Geert Kimpen says. “It’s the feeling that you’ve known each other for years, and that you could talk for the rest of your lives. If you have the same big goal in life, the same ideals and values and you know where you want to go, and you recognize that in each other, you know you guys are soulmates.”

The relationship between soulmates always has a higher purpose. “When you’re in love, you see the other one in their ultimate realized form, in all the greatness they might become, and they see it in you. The famous cloud nine. In fact, at that moment you see each other much more detailed than later on in your relationship. You meet each other in order to motivate one another to reach the ideal shape. That’s a lifelong path that never gets boring, it keeps on challenging you in new ways, together you grow towards the shared ideal.”

Indian philosopher Osho said you can only have one of these exceptional encounters. According to him, it’s about completely coinciding at each chakra level: “When all seven chakra centers of the man resonate in the same frequency as all seven chakra centers of the woman, you’ve found your soulmate,” he said. “Two persons function like they’re one: two bodies, one soul. It’s absolute harmony, love in its ultimate shape.” He says it happens very seldom.

Type 2: Four Star Soulmates

There are also soulmates with fewer stars. Friends, siblings, or other duos who feel so connected, it’s like they were born in the same star. “We are twin souls, made from the same stardust,” a woman says about her friend. What is that like?

The notion “twin souls” roots from the idea that our actual soul is something big and radiant, like a spiritual sun in an immaterial world. From this soul, two or three drops fall down on the earth to experience new things and learn new lessons. Whoever you are, there’s a drop of that golden soul fire within you; somewhere on the planet, there’s at least one other person with a drop of the same soul.

You can meet this other person, but (according to the theory) it will only happen once you’ve reached a certain level of development. If, for instance, you can see clearly what you’ve learned in previous lives and if you know what you’re here for. And if you’re able to recognize the same life mission in someone else.

The twin soul can be your partner, but not necessarily. It can also be your sibling or a good friend. Whoever it is, they give you a feeling of safety and freedom. The two of you motivate each other to give the best you can give, to grow and blossom. Together, you’ll learn important life lessons. They are not always fun or easy, you may experience a great loss or go through a severe crisis. Most importantly, you respect each other deeply, you enrich each other’s lives, and they make you feel heard and understood.

Type 3: Three Star Soulmates

According to another story from the spiritual world, we all share the same spiritual family or we’re all members from a group of souls that once was one single soul, at the very first start of creation. It was split in two, that ‘s the story of Adam and Eve. But it proceeded, according to this theory: with every new phase of creation, there was another separation.

Since we’re in the fourth phase or round of creation, every soul exists out of sixteen people who belong to the same group of souls. It means you could meet fifteen soulmates in your life. They can be partners, parents, children, family members, or friends. It is said that only five out of sixteen have to reach a certain level of development in order to make sure that all sixteen will meet in a lifetime. Then the group of souls is complete and the members enforce each other.

This kind of soulmate has three stars. For them, the same thing goes: you have a strong connection, and sometimes you feel like you’ve known each other from earlier incarnations, but there can also be frictions and even severe conflicts.

A Starry Sky Full of Soulmates

Buddhism offers another perspective. According to Buddha, people don’t have separate souls at all: we’re just waves in an ocean, we’re water: Our Buddha-nature. Essentially, all is one, and once you get in touch with that, you’ll experience a feeling of love.

When you look at it like this, everyone is your soulmate – all seven billion people on the earth and all the zillions who have lived here or will live here in the future. You’re a soulmate to all life, everything in creation, all the stars, and planets. One day we will know, feel, experience it. Then we’re complete in ourselves, we’ll have united everything that’s male and female in our own souls and we’ll have become whole people. At that moment, our relationships will have just as many stars as the sky.


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