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This eastern kale salad makes your mouth water

This eastern kale salad makes your mouth water

In the last couple of years, kale made a huge return. All of a sudden, it became one of the hippest vegetables. And for good reason, because it’s immensely healthy: kale is chockfull of iron. Ever tried it combined with coconut and cashews? 

What you need (for 2 people):

100 g quinoa
200 g kale
1 handful of coconut flakes
1 handful of unsalted cashew nuts
70 ml of coconut milk
1 lime

How to make it:

Preparation time: 20 minutes

– Rinse the quinoa (to make it taste less bitter) using a sieve and cook it al dente, following the prescriptions on the packaging.
– Put a second pan with boiling water and a pinch of salt on the fire and cook the kale for three minutes, then rinse. Put away for a minute.
– Roast the cashews and coconut flakes in a dry frying pan in about 5 minutes, until they are golden brown.
– Prepare the dressing: mix the coconut milk with a good splash of oil (preferably extra vierge olive oil) and some pepper and salt.
– Drain off the quinoa and stir the kale through it.
-Mix the dressing through the salad and spread the coconut flakes and cashews on top.
-Squeeze out half a lime on top of the salad and serve the other half separately, in case anyone wants an extra shot of lime juice.


Most organic stores sell coconut flakes. Can’t find any? Grated coconut is a fine alternative.

This is a recipe from the (Dutch) Chicks love food kookboek by Elise Gruppen and Nina de Bruijn. 

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