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Feel light as a feather with these aerial yoga poses

Feel light as a feather with these aerial yoga poses

Yoga in the air, also known as Aerial Yoga, gives you a great sense of freedom. Since gravity is doing all the work and not your joints, you get more energy almost effortlessly.

The Butterfly

Sit on the floor and let your knees drop to the sides. Put the soles of your feet together and pull your feet as close to your body as possible without forcing it. Hold your feet with both hands and sit up straight. Close your eyes, visualize a fluttering butterfly, and move your knees up and down fast. Push them to the ground as far as possible. Do this for five breaths. Then put your hands on your knees and relax your shoulders. Push your knees gently towards the ground, for five breaths.

Effect: More suppleness in your hip joints, your lower back gets stronger, and tired legs get a quick boost.

The Chair Pose

Stand up straight, with your feet touching each other. Spread your toes and distribute your weight across your whole foot. Bend your knees and shift your weight to your heels. Keep your knees straight over your feet. Your upper body must be straight. Gently tense your pelvic muscles and draw your belly button in. Now stretch your arms straight up. Your upper arms are next to your ears, your shoulders are low and relaxed. Keep this pose for five deep breaths.

Effect: The Chair Pose strengthens the muscles in your bottom, legs and lower back. It improves your perseverance and your condition.

The Forward Bend

Stand up straight, with your feet touching each other. As you breathe out, roll down from your hips, slowly, disc by disc. Flex your knees slightly so your upper body eventually leans on your upper legs. Let your head and shoulders hang down. Gently pull your belly button in so your lower back will be supported. Let your arms hang, with the back of your hands pointing at the floor.

Effect: The Forward Bend increases the blood flow to your head, which has a soothing effect. Tension in neck and shoulders will ease.

N.B.: Anyone can do Aerial Yoga if supervised by an experienced instructor. However, if you are pregnant or have a heart condition, this type of yoga is not advisable. Aerial Yoga classes can be found in most countries. 

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