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Kindness calendar: how to share some happiness every day of December

Kindness calendar: how to share some happiness every day of December

Let the Christmas spirit be an inspiration to you this December. It’s a wonderful time of the year to be grateful and friendly. Happiness is the best when it’s shared – and sharing can be simple.

Look up which gesture is on the calendar today, and cheer up your friend, lover or family member.

December 8: Wake up your loved one with breakfast in bed

December 9: Try to listen to someone attentively today, with genuine attention, without stopping them or thinking about yourself.

December 10: Smile at someone in the street

December 11: Write a friendly reply to a nice article / blog / photo you’ve seen online.

December 12: Stop the elevator for someone else.

December 13: Send someone a text, wishing them a nice day

December 14: Give someone a big, long bear hug

December 15: Plant a tree

December 16: Offer to come over and babysit

December 17: Organise a cleaning session in a park near you

December 18: Get an empty jam jar and fill it with notes, with cheerful quotes and thoughts, and give it to someone who needs it

December 19: Visit someone who’s lonely

December 20: Buy a small gift, label it with ‘take me’ and leave it in the subway

December 21: Prepare two lunchboxes and hand one out to a colleague

December 22: Give to charity

December 23: Send a voice memo with a song to a friend

December 24 Tell someone you love why they are so important to you

December 25 Write a letter, a real one, on paper, and post it

December 26 Bake a cake for your neighbours

December 27 Buy a balloon and give it to the first child you walk into

December 28 Write down compliments on notes and hand them out in the street

December 29 Forgive someone and focus on their positive traits

December 30: Send a postcard to your grandma / mother in law / parents

December 31: Make a kindness calendar for 2018

Photo: Brannon Naito

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