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This is what’s written in the stars for you in December

This is what’s written in the stars for you in December

The stars help you to know what to do if you fall in love, and how you can grow in love.

In December, Venus is in Sagittarius. It’s a beautiful position, that helps us to enlighten the dark month with forgiveness and other loving gestures.

Venus is often seen as the planet that shapes our love relationships. But its influence is a lot broader. It determines our friendships, the way we relate to one another. Even our relation with matter is influenced by Venus.

Sagittarius is the sign that makes us both royal and voracious. It’s an issue when it comes to matter (no sign earns nor spends as easily as Sagittarius, because it’s so confident in life’s abundance). It likes to give. It’s no surprise that the month of Sagittarius, December, is the month when we overwhelm each other with gifts. Sagittarius is also generous when it comes to all things spiritual: it likes to serve out hope, faith and ideals and thus inspires others to live happily.

With Venus in Sagittarius (from December 2 to December 25), this energy will influence all of us. Our heart is open wide during this period. We give and receive royally from the copious love that’s all around us. All we have to do is invite love in our life, whether it’s the love of our partner, our best friend or our children. That’s why we go the extra mile during the holidays. We can also do investments that benefit us a lot – a house, a piece of art, but more importantly: emotional investments. Giving our love to others, even if we’re not sure about the outcome or their reaction. Trusting that there’s enough, and there’s nothing to lose.

This is how you grow with Venus in Sagittarius

If someone did something to you last year that you’re still angry about, there’s no better time to forgive them than this December. Get in touch with them, even if your pride is in the way. Let them know it’s OK, even if you don’t want to remain friends. Forgive yourself for your grudge and anger. Perhaps, the two of you can start on a clean slate. Is it hard for you to talk face to face? Write down how you feel. There is no bigger present than forgiveness.

Were you the one who made a mistake? The cosmos will help you to be forgiven, too. Write a letter with your sincere regrets, in which you acknowledge the other one’s pain and hurt, without ‘buts’ or apologies for your behaviour. Don’t demand they will forgive you, but hope for the best.

Venus in Sagittarius is a good planet position for your financial situation, but it’s important not to get overconfident, because Sagittarius can make you a bit greedy. Follow your heart when you’re investing, but check your bank account first. After Sagittarius comes Capricorn, which means you’ll have to pay the bill eventually, no matter how confident you are.

Are you in love? Dare to gamble. There’s no better time to declare your love than in romantic December and Venus helps you. There are no guarantees for mutual love, but if you see your love as a gift to the other without obligations, you’ll understand it’s rejection nor defeat if the other doesn’t want you – it’s simply a honest answer. Honesty and openness are gifts of Venus in Sagittarius. If love is reciprocal, you’ll notice that there’s no holding back. There is trust and optimism, you can believe in it together.
Buy a nice gift for your best friend, give her beautiful flowers, take her out or simply tell her how important she is to you. December, above all, is a time to celebrate friendship.

Text: Johanna Blok – Photo: Almos Bechtold

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