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This is how you make your dreams come true in 2018

This is how you make your dreams come true in 2018

The new year lies in front of you, like a blank page. It reminds you that you can always start again, and that change is possible. January is the time of new year’s resolutions. We decide to finally stop smoking, eat healthier, finish our education this year or chase our dream job. But how do we make sure these resolutions and other desires come true? The art of manifestation might help you.

Step 1: Decide what you really desire

‘Become unapologetic about what you want’, is Gabrielle Bernstein’s advice. She’s a spiritual teacher, author and manifestation queen. The message is clear: dare to dream big, take your desires seriously and be aware that you are more than worth it to see your dreams come true.

Step 2: Create room to receive

According to the Law of Attraction, if you dream of a nice relationship, but don’t make an effort to improve your unhappy marriage (or to end it), you’re unlikely to see your dream come true. The same goes for the freelancer who keeps on doing underpaid jobs, but longs for decent payment. By stepping away from the things that no longer make you happy, you clear the way and make it possible to receive what you want the most.

Step 3: Affirm

If your wishes are clear and you’ve created room to receive, it’s time to decide your affirmations. An affirmation is a positively voiced wish you speak out or put on paper. According to experts, it’s best to put it as if it’s been already fulfilled.

Gabrielle Bernstein recommends you to put your imagination to maximal use and to keep imagining that your desire has already manifested itself. ‘Wallow in the excitement, the joy and the greatness of your dream. Be in that energy and see the specific details of the things you long for.’ That way, according to the Law of Attraction, you will send the most powerful signal to the universe, that will eventually respond. Or not, because according to the Law, in the end, the only desires that will manifest itself are the ones that are good for the bigger picture.

Step 4: Be patient and enjoy yourself

Depending on what your wish is, patience is required. Just like taking concrete steps in the right direction. Obsessively focusing on your wishes has the opposite effect, says Bernstein. It will only lower the frequency of your energy. Feeling good, even if your wish hasn’t come true yet, and joyfully seeing your dreams slowly unfold, brings them closer. If that doesn’t happen, or if things seem to keep going wrong, there’s a reason. ‘Obstacles are detours in the right direction. (…) The universe has a plan that’s better than yours.’

Text: Janita Naaijer

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