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Why it’s never too late to use your talents

Why it’s never too late to use your talents

Each child is born with several talents, but few of us explore all of these talents in life. Do you feel like you missed the chance to do something with your talent or passion?

Many people feel that they missed the chance to really use their talent or passion, because life took a different turn, because they lacked self confidence or because they’re too old now. According to British writer and advisor Sir Ken Robinson in his book ‘The Element’, it makes no sense to think that way.

People who are in their thirties or forties and act like their life has become a boring routine, and think it’s ‘not realistic’ to think they can change their lives: Robinson says they suffer from early defeatism.

It’s never to late to find your element

In the course of life, there are always new chances to discover your ‘element’. At 62, Agatha Christie wrote a theatre play that remained in theatres longer than any other play. Vladimir Horowitz gave his last series of sold-out piano recitals when he was 84.

Sure, not all things are possible as you get older. A leading part in a ballet when you’re 70 and have no dancing experience, is highly unlikely. But if you love ballet, you can always find a way to contribute something using the qualities you have. Despite physical limitations, you can still use your passion.

Photo: Victoria Bilsborough

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