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This ritual helps you to become the best version of yourself

This ritual helps you to become the best version of yourself

Make these seven promises to yourself, and you will find that in 2018, you’ll be a stronger and more powerful version of yourself.

Now that the year is ending, the nights are long and dark and you’re starting to look back, it becomes easier to look at your daily dawdling from a distance. The essential becomes clear to you and asks for your attention. Your soul whispers and if you’re quiet, you can hear it. Your soul always wants what’s best for you, knows the big picture and is focused on your growth, but in all the worldly noise, sometimes its voice is difficult to hear.

From the perspective of the soul, everything that happens in life is good and useful for growth.

A boost for the soul

Nothing is ‘uncalled for’. However, there are times when our soul wants to push us in a certain direction, but we’re stubborn, we don’t listen and we let things cock up. That’s only human, there’s no reason to judge yourself. But this is what I believe: the more receptive you are for your soul’s guidance, that ignores rational arguments and ‘how it should be’, the easier it becomes to grow. If you have the guts to take action, you’ll have wings.

In the last days of the year, I want to invite you to convenant with yourself. Taking a pact with your soul seriously asks for dedication, sincerity and submission, but it also means inevitable human failure. You promise yourself to fail and try again.

Make a promise to yourself

These are my own promises to my soul (perhaps they inspire you, and/or you can add things to this list):

*I promise myself to dedicate my life power to my own personal growth, awareness and wellbeing, as well as others’.

*I promise myself to look at my body, the dear body that serves me in this earthly adventure and that is able to achieve great things, with kindness and gratitude and to treat it in the same way.

*I promise myself to acknowledge my passionate nature and to open my heart in order to let love and light through, streaming towards myself, others and life.

*I promise myself to see the glory in all that life brings, even the things I don’t understand yet or the things that are different than what I hoped for, trusting that everything I am looking for is there in what happens to me.

*I promise myself that I will reject nothing that lives inside me, and will be friends with my shadow. I will bring it to the light with kindness and understanding, and I will heal it.

*I promise myself to listen to my own voice, and to bring everything I have to offer with creativity, passion and persuasion into the world.

*I promise myself everything to honour all that lives on this earth, and that’s connected to me. This means: earth my body, water my soul, air my breath and fire my soul.

For the wellbeing of all, so will it be.

Text: Susan Smit – Photo: Natalie Collins

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