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Want to exercise and relax at the same time? Try this yoga flow

Want to exercise and relax at the same time? Try this yoga flow

Yoga is just as much a thing for men as it is for women. To stress this, Michael James Wong started the Boys of Yoga movement. His flows are suitable for starters, too. 

Michael grew up in Santa Monica, where his friends took him to yoga. At first, he wasn’t all too keen on it, but after he rolled out his yoga mat, he got hooked. It started as practicing sports for hem, but soon, it was more than that. Yoga helps him to understand the chaos of life, he says, and it makes him happy.

Accessible for everybody

‘The western world has a certain image of yoga,’ Michael says. ‘At Boys of Yoga, we turn the camera the other direction, and show people that it’s accessible for everybody. I hope yoga will become natural for men and women.’

In the subsequent yoga flow, Michael makes you work hard for twenty minutes, but he also helps you to relax. It doesn’t matter whether you have just started yoga, or you are experienced: listen carefully to your body. ‘Do you feel like it’s too much for your body? Then take it slow. The flow of the practice is like the flow of life – it’s different every day. Adjust to it, make it work for you.’

Photo: Jon Flobrant

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