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This is how you will fall in love in 2018, based on your month of birth

This is how you will fall in love in 2018, based on your month of birth

Love is written in the stars next year. But this magical mix of stardust is different for everyone. This is what will make your heart beat faster in 2018.


Were you born in the cold winter months? Then find someone who can show you that there is more to life than work. Someone who makes you feel the world can keep turning without you walking in the first position, and who can pull you into a parallel universe that only consists of the two of you. Enjoying each others company is much more important and will bring you more than you dared to hope for.


Look for someone who’s caring, and who will be there for you when you need them to. Someone who buys you lemons and goes to the drugstore for coughing syrup when your throat hurts, who cleans up the room without you having to ask for it, who makes your bed when you’ve slept together for the first time and who sends you ‘safe travels’ messages when you have to go abroad for work. Someone who doesn’t just think about the happiness you can bring them, but whose goal is to make you happy. If you find a person like this, you will fall in love, hard, quickly and unconditionally.


Suddenly you notice someone who never really made an impression on you before. Someone who won your trust slowly, who can make you relax in a new way. Someone who feels so trustworthy, that all you can do is let yourself go.


The person you fall for, challenges you. They poke you a little, and perhaps the two of you will have a small argument before you feel the sparks between you. But this will be an argument in which your boundaries are respected, while slowly, they are stretched a bit. This makes you see the world in a whole new, refreshing way.


If you are looking for someone with a two-page to-do list, who sets a hundred coffee dates every weekend and who wants to visit every country in the world twice, the chances for your relationship to hold are few. But if you look for someone who can let you sleep in without you feeling guilty, who is passionate about what they do but doesn’t underestimate the importance of rest, then the two of you can realise more than you could ever dream of.


Look for someone who’s sensitive and who understands your emotions. Someone who sends you songs that touch you so much you want to listen to them again and again. You will be surprised of how beautiful the world can be with someone beside you who loves amber colored autumn leaves just as much as you do, or the scent of fresh linen, or a line in the newspaper that changes your view on the world.


This year, you will fall for someone who shows you life can’t be predicted from excel sheets and predicted plans. Someone who shows you that your gut feeling can tell you a lot of the things you’re trying to confirm with those excel sheets. Who shows you you are much more creative than you thought, and who lets you rediscover the beauty of creativity. You will be the quiet counter balance, while they put you slightly off balance – which feels extremely liberating.


It’s not easy for you, but you’ll finally fall in love with someone who has the guts to oppose you every now and then. Someone who dares to tell you you’re wrong, and who can explain to you in a calm manner that your world view isn’t always the only one. Once you’ll start accepting that, you’ll grow and enjoy a relationship that is truly equal.


You’ll see: it’s a relief to finally be together with someone who isn’t scared of your dark shadows. Someone who is curious about your bad sides, and who wants to look at the qualities you’ve been trying to sweep under the rug for so many years. Someone who grabs your hand and tells you that you’re perfect, just the way you are.


Pablo Neruda once wrote: I want to do to you what spring does to cherry trees, and this is exactly what the person you’ll fall in love with does to you this year. He or she will make you bloom, and be yourself in a way you’ve never known.


This year, you will finally fall for someone who is every bit as fast a thinker as you are, and who challenges in every possible way. You will send them a link to an article that made you think, and a few minutes later you’ll receive another one that conveys a slightly different, but equally relevant vision to the same topic. You guys find each other so easily and so quickly, love will be unstoppable in a few weeks time.


Love, that’s a phenomenon that can be explained from logic. Something you can rationalise. Or so you thought. Until, this year, you start looking for someone who shows you some things in life are not logical, but magical. Things that can turn your life upside down, in the best possible way.

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