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How to bake gorgeous chakra cookies in seven colors

How to bake gorgeous chakra cookies in seven colors

Have you ever seen cookies as gorgeous as these? They’re not just a lot of fun to make -especially the icing in the colors of all the 7 chakras – but if you put them in a nice bag, they also make a beautiful, personal gift. 

Mix 150 g butter, 100 g caster sugar, a pinch of salt and 6 g lemon zest until you have a smooth mass. Sift in 250 g flour and knead. Flatten the dough a little – to make it cool faster – then cover with plastic foil and leave to set in the refrigerator for an hour. Preheat the oven to 180 *C.

Roll the dough with a little flour until it is 1/2 cm thick. Cut out circles with a cookie cutter and bake them in about 18 minutes. Make the icing using 2 egg whites and 200 g powdered sugar. Beat the egg whites with a mixer, adding small amounts of the sugar until you have a firm mass.

Distribute the icing across seven containers, color them with the seven chakra colors (see below) and spread the icing on the cookies using a spatula or knife. To get the marbled effect, add a few drops of another color to the icing and mix the colors with a thin stick or toothpick. Put the cookies back into the oven at 50 *C until the icing is shiny and hard. After cooling, sprinkle on some more powdered sugar to taste.

About the coloring

Some cookie recipes call for a coloring agent. They’re available in tiny bottles from Asian food stores and big supermarkets. Most of them are chemical, but you can also get natural alternatives, available from cake decoration stores or online. The colors may be less vivid, but they’re healthier. You can also make your own colorings to be absolutely sure about what you’re putting in your mouth.

Red: pomegranate juice
Pink: beetroot juice
Orange: reduced (boiled down) carrot juice
Yellow: turmeric powder
Green: wheat grass or reduced spinach juice
Purple: reduced red cabbage juice
Blue: see purple, but add a little baking soda
Brown: instant coffee, or tea

Photo: Jeroen van der Spek

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