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Why riding a bike is good for your soul

Why riding a bike is good for your soul

Biking isn’t just a healthy, sustainable and very affordable way to get around. It’s also a spiritual exercise.  

The perfect pace for the soul

According to an old saying, the soul travels on horseback. This means the human spirit doesn’t respond well to quick movement. Sure, your body can be racing on the high way at maximum speed, but your soul follows at walking pace or at a gallop. That’s why a holiday by bike is so pleasant: the pace is high enough for you to see the landscapes change around you, but you’re going slowly enough to experience every bird of prey and every acre around you.

Let the wind guide you

How do you handle headwind? This is, of course, a very spiritual question. No doubt, pedalling against a strong southwester is a tough thing to do and it builds character. However, the ‘go with the flow’ approach is a lot more pleasant. Let the wind guide you during your bike ride. You can catch the train on your way back at the end of the day (or after a weekend trip by bike).

Stop for a second

Biking can be a mindfulness exercise.  Why would you rush to reach the traffic light before they turn red, when it’s the perfect opportunity to stop for a second, take a breath, be aware of your body for a moment? There’s no rush.

Photo: Alex Vans Colina

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