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Three inspiring meditations to do with your child

Three inspiring meditations to do with your child

These meditation – and concentration exercises help you expand your consciousness. They’re very suitable to do together with your child.

Exercise 1: Look back on the day

Before your child goes to sleep, you take about ten minutes to evoke the images of the day. Mention the things he or she has done and experienced that day. Which gifts did life hand out that day? What was important, what wasn’t? It’s a good way to help your child look at themselves as if they’re looking at someone else. By doing that, you help them detach from ego. This brings inner peace.

If you do this regularly, your child becomes more able to look at life with a helicopter view, from a higher ‘I’.

Exercise 2: Creative thinking exercise

Ask your child to pick a simple object, like a pencil or a ball. Together, think about this sole object for five minutes and try to look at the object from as many angles as possible: what’s the shape, what’s the material, who invented it, can you replace it by something else?

If your child’s mind wanders, try to make it return to the object. This way, he or she exercises how to control thinking from the I-conscience and learns how to think clearly – also about more complex matters.

Exercise 3: Meditate on a seed

Put a plant seed in front of you and your child, and concentrate on the shape and colour of it. Try to imagine what plant might grow from this seed: this small seed has a hidden power, a beautiful plant! Think about this power together, and silently repeat the sentence: ‘The invisible will be visible’. Try to not just think it, but also feel it.

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