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This is what’s written in the stars for you in October

This is what’s written in the stars for you in October

Have you been highly emotional lately? Quite possibly that’s because Jupiter (the planet that’s all about faith, hope and love) is in Scorpion this month – an extremely powerful position with a lot of potential for growth. This how to make use of it.

A month full of growth potential

Jupiter is the planet that represents happiness, and that shows a lot of growth potential. It guards the place where everything you touch can turn into solid gold. Sometimes, this is about money, but most of the time it’s about spiritual riches: the things that make us so happy, we wouldn’t trade it for the world. We’d do anything for this feeling, and it helps us to get through the biggest storms.

From deep and heavy to pure

Scorpion is a water sign, that’s connected to our deepest and heaviest emotions. Even the emotions we prefer to hide from others, the ones we’re embarrassed of, like jealousy or possessiveness, extreme desire for power, anger and childish vindictiveness. This may sound quite negative, but there’s another side to it: like no other sign, Scorpion knows how to ‘purify’ these emotions. By experiencing them to the deepest places of the soul, in order to get rid of them forever.

You can imagine it gets very intense when these two energies meet. And this is not a matter of weeks, this position of the planet will be active for about a year.

Emotions have turbo power

How will we experience that? Well, our emotions will have turbo power. We’ll be fanatic in nearly everything, but perhaps the most in matters related to what we believe in, things close to our heart. Discussions can get out of hand, because we firmly believe we’re in the right. But we’re also able to forgive the things that were done to us when we were little. So: there’s a lot of potential to become ‘whole’. Does that mean something was broken? If you weren’t aware of that yet, Jupiter can also help you discover your traumas.

How to make use of Jupiter in Scorpion

1.    Have faith

Funerals and births have extra meaning in this period. One minute we’re laughing, the next one we’re in tears. Decide beforehand which role suits you when your family meets to celebrate or in remembrance. Try to have faith in the higher powers that make sure ‘everything will be okay’, even if things get ‘completely out of hand’. And speak your mind, so you can help others to find their balance again. Remember: we’re on our way to become better people, no matter what.

2.    Go deep together

Intimate moments in your relationship bring fulfillment. So whenever you can, try to find the time to isolate yourselves from the weary outside world. Do this very consciously. Happiness and growth are in finding the deep, unspeakable together. Even if this is difficult sometimes. Don’t walk away, but stay, holding each other tight.

3.    Learn and study

Jupiter also helps you to learn and study. That’s why this position of the planet is ideal for getting educated regarding psychology, regression therapy or sexuality (very much a Scorpion theme, too). If we grab this opportunity to learn, we’ll all change into wise masters, who help others get over their trauma.

4.    Let go of resentment and hate, and heal yourself

Healing trauma often entails forgiving the people who have hurt you. While Scorpion is a sign of resentment, Jupiter is the planet of forgiveness, so there’s no better time to leave your resentment and hate behind than now. Read a book about forgiveness, or go to a training.

Text: Johanna Blok – Photo: Kristopher Roller

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