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Do it While Walking – and Other Nimble Ways to Meditate

Do it While Walking – and Other Nimble Ways to Meditate

In our fast-paced lives, finding time to meditate can be a challenge. But a quick meditation session can help a lot! Here are three nimble ways to center yourself again. 

Holy Humming

Your body will benefit from the vibration you make from this meditation. It’s like the purring of a cat. Sit down, relax, breathe in, and let the sound aaaaa escape from your slightly opened lips, like a deep bass from your belly. Let it flow into a uuuuu sound coming from your chest. Finally, let a long mmmmm reverberate in your skull until the very last of your breath is gone. According to Indian tradition, aum is the oldest sound in the universe. Hum yourself into balance with this holy sound.

Breathe in, Breathe out

This is one of the shortest, simplest meditations ever: the 16-second technique devised by meditation master davidji. Breathe in through your nose while calmly counting to four in your head. Then, hold your breath for four seconds. Breathe out, again counting to four. Don’t breathe for the next four seconds. That’s it. You can repeat it if you have more time, but even after just one round, you can see a change already. It slows down your stress hormones, tells your body and mind to relax, and extra oxygen clears your head.

Down to Earth

Do it like the Buddha: Walk while meditating. It’s a way to literally come down to earth. Ideally, you do it barefoot in a quiet spot, like a deserted field or a meadow. However, walking meditations can also be done on the way to the bus stop, or while lining up at the departure gate. Go as slowly as possible. Be aware of how your heel comes down first and the rest of your foot later. Notice how the other foot comes up heel first until your toes are in the air. It only takes a few minutes to feel much more grounded and to let your fluttering thoughts settle down.

Text: Astrid Maria Boshuisen – Photography: Alan Jensen – Styling: Cyn Ferdinandus

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