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Gemstones: how these 12 crystals could be beneficial for you

Gemstones: how these 12 crystals could be beneficial for you

Having the correct gemstone on your bedside table or close at hand can give you just that little push to persist, to break through a barrier, or to simply feel better. The following twelve gemstones are said to be beneficial for a lot of people.

1. Black Tourmaline

The “shaman stone” helps you concentrate and gives you a sense of power. It protects you from the negative energy of others and can boost passion. It makes the lives of Scorpio much calmer, and Aries and Sagittarius can also benefit from the purifying energy of black tourmaline.

2. Green Fluorite

The “stone of genius” stimulates mental processes, concentration, and focus. It also creates harmony when there are upheaval and chaos. It’s beneficial for the heart chakra and particularly suits Gemini. Leo and Aquarius can also feel uplifted by fluorite.

3. Emerald

This beautiful green crystal boosts the heart chakra and can help intensify your sense of self-respect. Emerald has a charismatic effect and helps you improve your philosopher qualities. People used to think this stone protected travelers on the road. It suits Sagittarius but also helps Taurus and Libra to grow.

4. Aquamarine

The soft blues of aquamarine stimulate the throat chakra, helping you to express clearly what goes on inside of you. It fills you with compassion and helps those who help others. A good choice for Virgo, it also balances Aries and helps Pisces when the words won’t come.

5. Black Sapphire

Creates calmness in chaos, intuition when in doubt, and harmony in groups of friends. Black sapphire will tell you when it’s time to assert yourself. It helps you execute original ideas. It’s a fantastic crystal for Aquarius but also empowers Pisces and Scorpio.

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6. White Topaz

This crystal brings friendship to your life and helps you to be honest and loyal. Its vibrations make you do the right thing and support you in making morally correct choices. It’s also said to boost the taste buds. Completely in tune with Taurus, it’s also valuable to Sagittarius and Leo.

7. Citrine

This golden yellow quartz harbors the energy of the sun. It gives hope, joy, and positive energy. Traditionally, people adorned themselves with citrine for wealth and prosperity. It’s related to the Zodiac sign Leo, but Capricorn can also benefit from citrine. To Gemini, this beautiful crystal brings inspiration.

8. Rose Quartz

Emanates a loving feminine energy and brings peace and harmony in relationships. Rose quartz helps you open up to music and beauty all around you. It vibrates on a frequency to which Libra is sensitive. It can also open the hearts of Cancer and Taurus.

9. Ruby

Its red sparkle stimulates passion and love. Women used to wear tiny hearts made of rubies to attract a partner. Thanks to its affinity with the first chakra, ruby boosts vital power, sexuality, and motivation. It is naturally linked to Aries, but Libra and Scorpio also feel comfortable with this crystal.

10. Amethyst

In the old days, people believed that purple amethysts protected you from drunkenness and other excesses. It boosts your imagination, intuition, and spirituality and refines your thinking. That’s why this stone is a good companion for Pisces. Virgo and Aquarius also feel comfortable with the energy of amethysts.

11. Kunzite

The pinkish lilac stone of emotions creates a healing connection between the head and heart. It opens you up to love and can help young women embrace motherhood. It has a natural bond with Cancer, offers comfort and tranquillity to Capricorn, and helps Gemini find their balance.

12. Blue Apatite

Independence and ambition are the words that go with apatite. It stimulates the throat chakra, so you can wear it when you have to speak in public. It’s businesslike and has a strong sense of timing: also characteristic of Capricorn. Virgo and Cancer can derive strength from apatite energy.

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This article is part of our issue 7, 2017 ‘Moments of Clarity’

Text: Hanny Roskamp

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