Tess WarmerdamComment

Tranquillity, acceptance, a feeling of peace. A moment of serenity is where it all begins. In this state of serenity, our mind is motionless and nothing disturbs our thougts. Serenity is like a forest pool on a calm day. The pool's surface is as smooth as glass. If we come closer, we can see right down to the bottom of the pool.

The eighteen ities

Marijn BaarComment

How do you want to live? How do you become a better person? Take time to stand still for a short moment every day and think about one of the eighteen ities: stepping stones that help you transcend everyday things and give meaning to life. By thinking about them every day you can discover in which way this ity plays a part in your life and how you react to that. We’re curious to hear your insights. Will you join us on this journey?