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In Buddha's footsteps

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Last autumn my phone rang. Did I want to go to India to walk in the wake of Buddha? Although my knowledge of Buddhism easily fits on a lotus leaf, I immediately said yes.

Buddha's path through life is to his followers what the Camino de Santiago is to catholic Westerns. It is a pilgrimage of a thousand kilometres that starts in Nepal and ends where Prince Siddhartha transformed into the Awakened One, in the north of India. Dutch journalist Dirk Mulder followed Buddha's footsteps in search of meaningfulness.

You'll find his travel journey in Happinez Magazine.

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Tranquillity, acceptance, a feeling of peace. A moment of serenity is where it all begins. In this state of serenity, our mind is motionless and nothing disturbs our thougts. Serenity is like a forest pool on a calm day. The pool's surface is as smooth as glass. If we come closer, we can see right down to the bottom of the pool.

We're spreading our wings

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We're spreading our wings: ‪#‎happinez‬ launches her first English edition which will be available in more than twenty countries worldwide. Needless to say, we're over the moon!

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Get to know the first glossy magazine for contemporary women who are interested in self-development and emotional learning.  With both feet on the ground, Happinez shows ways to a more meaningful, more spiritual and especially happier life.

Happiness is an inside job. Since the world around is changing so fast, it has become wiser to trust our inner world. Getting to know that inner world can be a long journey, but at the same time an interesting one. Happinez inspires its readers in their journey to find inner peace. It bridges the gap between the mind and the heart, between beauty on both the inside and outside.

With articles, interviews, travel reports, insights, recipes and a unique beautiful rich design the
magazine is a present to yourself. It is the first magazine that brings real depth without compromising attractiveness and accessibility.

Happiness knows no boundaries. For a positive, wise and loving life, choose Happinez!