8 tricks to enjoy the holiday for highly sensitive people

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Going away for a weekend (or longer)? If you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP), this might be more intense for you than for others. Make sure the days off give you renewed energy. These tricks help: 

1 Decide what you want to do 

What’s the goal of your time off? Do you want to recharge your battery or go out and discover new places? HSP tend to recharge in nature and by doing things that are connected to their interests and talents. They are creative and often interested in spirituality. Perhaps there’s a creative or spiritual workshop you’d like to do. Pick an activity that makes you happy. 

2 Pick your company 

HSP have a strong radar for other people’s wishes and expectations. As a result, they may forget about their own. If you go out on your own, you don’t have to think about other people’s needs. This may be good for you. Are you going with others? Pick a company that makes you happy, share your wishes and dare to show your boundaries. 

3 Make a list of things you want to bring 

HSP can be perfectionists. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll forget things or lose sight of the bigger picture. Make a list of everything you want to take or arrange. Remind yourself: it doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough. In case you forget something, you can usually buy or arrange it at your destination. 

4 Schedule time for rest 

Being out and about all the time requires a lot of energy.  Schedule time for rest, so your sensitive nervous system can calm down. This way, you prevent yourself from getting over-stimulated and tired. This is especially important if you’re a High Sensation Seeker: a HSP who loves to go out and experience new things. 

5 Pick a comfortable mean of transport 

Don’t be afraid to choose comfort and short distances. Flying is intense for HSP: being with many people in a small space, usually makes them tired. Besides, the air on an air plane is less healthy than outside. The shorter you’re on the plane, the better. A longer trip is sometimes cheaper, but a pleasant journey is worth a lot. 

6 Choose a pleasant place to stay 

Listen to your gut feeling and pick a pleasant, quiet place to stay. Check the reviews and guarantee options. Ask whether the sound of cars, planes and trains is audible there, and ask for a quiet place where smoking is prohibited. 

7 Intolerance or allergy? Bring your own food 

HSP can be sensitive when it comes to food and experience intolerance or allergy intensely. Bring food that goes well with your diet, and / or make sure you know where to buy your food. 

8 Enjoy!

HSP are able to enjoy things intensely, especially when they’re off on a holiday. Use this to your advantage and have fun!

Text: Femke de Grijs - Photo: Joe Gardner