The useful art of thoroughly enjoying the weekend

Happinez WebmasterComment

Looking forward to the weekend? With the help of Japanese philosophy Kaizen, you turn your leisure time into magical days of rest and inspiration. 

The Japanese word Kaizen means ‘unceasing improvement’ or ‘change for the better’. It might sound like quite a bit thing, but essentially, it’s about the little things. According to Kaizen, a little progress every day brings us more than big plans. 

The philosophy is quite useful when you apply it to your weekend. With more leisure time, it’s easier to examine your habits and make conscious decisions. Healthy rituals can make the weekend a magical time of recuperation. 

Have a kind look at yourself and decide what you need to be back at work on Monday feeling recharged and inspired. 

Five tips to enjoy your weekend to the max: 

1 Don’t compare yourself to others 

It will only bring you stress and unrealistic goals that won’t help you to relax. If people around you are very social in the weekends, and you prefer to spend the day with the dog at the beach, just listen to your heart. Doing what others do simply because you ‘should’ too, won’t bring you the energy you need. 

2 Re-examine your habits 

Do you usually fill your weekend with social activities? Or is it the opposite: you would like to see more people during the weekend, but you’re too late to make appointments? What do you really want to do in the weekend, and does this match with your habits? 

3 Plan your social life 

And find out how social you want to (and can) be during the weekend. You don’t want to start working again on Monday feeling all exhausted because you’ve been around people too much. Or annoyed because you would have wanted to have a good talk with a friend, but didn’t. 

4 Practice really being there 

If you actually do the things you want to do during the weekend, but they just don’t bring you the kind of energy you want, perhaps you’re not present enough. While watching a movie, really watch the movie – leave the phone in the kitchen, and actually enjoy the fact that you’re granting yourself the time to do this. 

5 Re-invent yourself 

Are you rooted in habits that no longer serve you? Examine what you would really want to do. Which things make you happy, make you feel alive? Find a new hobby or organize a get-together with friends or acquaintances (who may become friends). Start a book club, invite people to play board games or start a dinner club – small or big, whatever you prefer. 

Photo: Jordan Bauer