If summer isn't your favorite season (because you don't like the heat)

Happinez WebmasterComment

If your skin doesn’t take the heat very well, and you’re not really into imposed happiness (social events! Hanging around!), this just may not be your season. And that’s fine. This helps. 

Go into the woods

In cities, summer is even hotter than in the country, because bricks retain heat. In the woods, there’s much more shadow, and it’s quieter than at the beach. Trees offer cool and quiet. 

Create a water reservoir

You’re not the only one having a hard time: during a dry, hot summer, the garden wastes away. And once the desired rain finally falls, most of the water is drained via the sewer – such a shame. Make sure the water isn’t wasted and create a water reservoir. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just saw through the drainpipe, so the water can find its way through your garden. Even better: create a green roof, that doesn’t just retain water, but also cools off your home during the summer. That’s feng shui: with water around you, it’s easier to handle the sun. 

Don’t forget about the fun sides 

There’s an upside to summer, too. Think of a thunderstorm, when all the built-up tension discharges and rain just keeps on falling from the sky. When the plants shake their leaves with sheer joy over the thick drops of water, and the clouds are so dark that blackbirds start singing because they think night is falling. When you smell the lovely scent of rain falling on dry grounds, named petrichor(ancient Greek for ‘the blood of the Gods’). 

Imitate migratory birds

If you can, travel to a place where the climate suits you better. Spend your summer vacation on an island in the middle of the sea, where the temperature is lower.

And don’t forget… it’s just one season 

Perhaps the most important thing is: don’t let anyone tell you anything about summer. You don’t have to like it. Some people love summer parties and crowded terraces, others prefer to read a book in the shadow under a tree. Some people flourish in the sun, others do better when there’s fog or rain. However, here’s a comforting thought: summer is just one of the four seasons, and this too shall pass. Before you know it it’s September and you’re riding your bike in the drizzling rain. 

Text: Anne Wesseling – Photo: Jeremy Bishop