Soulful sexuality: why the power of sexuality is all about involving your heart

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Some people see sex as an obligation, while others treat it like a wild adventure. What lies between these two extremes? In the new issue of Happinez Magazine, Susan Smit explores the idea of sacred sexuality. 

Let’s talk about sex. For some people it’s their favorite subject, for others it’s a taboo or something to joke about. This is revealing, because sexuality is often either overrated or underrated. Sex is either a duty or a lifestyle. After many centuries of selfcontrol and demureness, with sex portrayed as suspect, dangerous and sinful, we’re now seeing the opposite: soulless sex depicted in the media, in advertising, in movies and in real life.

Deeper meaning

It seems as if people in love relationships as well as outside of them either go for the excitement of extremes or settle for a practiced exercise. There are people who try to block sex through rules or strict morals; and there are people who focus entirely on their sexuality, and indulge every sensory pleasure. Where is the deeper meaning? Where is the grace? Where is the middle ground? 

Involve your heart

The middle ground is the heart. The fathomless power of sexuality reveals itself when you find the courage to involve your heart. When sex is no more than an exercise, a compulsive embrace only intended to release tension, it may give temporary satisfaction, but it will never be uplifting. The true power of sexuality remains hidden that way. But when we show ourselves and surrender ourselves with more than just our bodies, sex becomes one of the most important ways for the soul to speak to us.

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Text: Susan Smit - Photo: Christiana Rivers