Kindness goes a long way: 15 friendly gestures you can make today

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Violence against caregivers, cashiers being completely ignored… Sometimes it seems like friendliness is a rare thing. And that’s while it’s so easy. These friendly gestures will make both others and yourself feel good. 

1 Send a kind message to a friend 

 Just to let them know you’re thinking about them. 

 2 Leave a note at your colleague’s desk 

 Today, don’t use your sticky notes for the umpteenth chores you really need to do today, but write down a friendly note for a colleague and stick it to their desk or screen. 

 3 Keep the door open for someone

 It’s so simple. 

 4 Send a postcard

 Who said postcards are just for birthdays or other special occasions? It’s so much fun to find an old-fashioned postcard in the mailbox, especially when it’s completely unexpected. 

 5 Give a compliment

 Did your neighbor get a new haircut, or are you impressed with your colleague’s great presentation? Don’t keep it to yourself, tell them. 

 6 Offer a homeless person a sandwich or a cup of coffee

 7 Do a chore for your partner or roommate

 If your partner or roommate usually takes out the garbage or cleans the bathroom, but they’re really busy today (or they simply hate domestic chores), just take up the task for the day. 

 8 Let someone else go first at the register 

 9 Hide a little note in a library book 

Write down what struck you about the book, or simply say ‘have fun reading’. 

 10 Donate clothes or other stuff

 If you have a wardrobe filled with clothes you never wear, or it’s time to get rid of all the kitchen utensils you never use, there’s probably someone who’ll be really happy with them. Charities usually welcome them, too. 

 11 Tell someone you love how happy they make you 

 12 Greet a stranger passing you by in the street

 It may feel a little bit awkward at first, but if we make it into a habit to wish other people ‘goodmorning’ or ‘good afternoon’, the world will start looking a lot friendlier. 

 13 Get your colleagues coffee   

 Yup, even if it’s not your turn. 

 14 Give your mom a call 

 Or your dad, grandma, grandpa or aunt: just to ask them how they’re doing. 

 15 Be kind to yourself 

 It’s just as important as being nice to others. Today, don’t curse at yourself for not being perfect, but stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a compliment. Out loud! 

Text: Sanne Eva Dijkstra - Photo: Veronika Homchis