7 signs that you're a highly empathetic person

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Do you feel intensely for people, animals and nature around you? Do you pick up other people’s emotions, does watching the news get to you sometimes? Then you’re probably a highly empathetic person. Cherish this ability!

As an empathetic person, you strongly feel for others. You experience other people’s emotions, mental state and physical pain as if they were your own. That’s why empathetic persons tend to be labeled ‘too emotional’ or even ‘weak’, while in fact, they’re very powerful. They know exactly what other people need and, unless they lose themselves, what their own boundaries are. Besides, they don’t just experience grief and anger on a deep level – they also experience happiness, enthusiasm and love strongly. 

Not sure whether you’re an empathetic person? Test yourself! 

1 You experience other people’s emotions as if they’re your own

 You’re able to feel what someone else is feeling – whether they’re family or complete strangers. If your brother’s having a job interview today, your body feels tense. If someone in the supermarket is frustrated, you may feel frustrated too, even if you haven’t even talked to them. 

 2 Emotions like anger and frustration drain you 

 Negative emotions exhaust you, even when they’re other people’s emotions. You need more time to recharge and get over them. 

 3 You can lose yourself in a relationship 

Failing to set boundaries, allowing your partner to drag you along and losing your sense of self: these are the dangers of relationships for empathetic people. By completely surrendering yourself to someone else, at some point, you don’t know which emotions are yours and which are your partner’s. 

 4 The news can really get to you 

 Tears when you’re watching a movie, a lump in your stomach while watching disturbing news or being touched by an impressive photograph. Even if all these things don’t affect your life, they have quite an impact on your mood. 

5 You feel before you understand 

Even though you don’t know where this uncanny feeling or gloomy state of mind come from, you just sense that something’s going on. It might be in your own life, or with someone you care about. Your sensitivity is quicker than your ratio, so before you know anything about a situation, your senses have picked it up. 

 6 You’re generous – sometimes at your own expense 

 People can count on you. They like to tell you their stories. You have a lot to give and strongly sympathize with others. That’s a beautiful quality, but it has a downside: sometimes, your care for others at the expense of care for yourself. Be sure to have an eye for your own needs. 

 7 You feel deeply connected to the world around you 

 The connection you feel to nature, people and animals is special. Sometimes it’s even a bit mystical. There are days when a flower in bloom, an old lady’s smile at the bakery or the sound of an enthusiastic donkey can genuinely touch you. Little things like these open your heart even further for all the beauty in the world. 

Text: Eline Hoffman - Photo: Barbora Polednová