How looking in the mirror can help you to embrace who you are

Happinez WebmasterComment

Look deeply into your own eyes, and see who you really are. Through your eyes, you can see your soul, pure and honest.

It’s a technique that derives from Osho, the guru who started the Rajneesh movement : staring into a mirror. In a mirror meditation, you sit in front of a mirror for thirty to forty minutes a day, looking at yourself.

1. Look deeply into your eyes, try not to blink too much, and see what happens.

2. Are you actually able to look into your own eyes? Breathe carefully, let your thoughts fade away and see your mirror image.

3. How do you feel? Is it pleasant or uncomfortable?


Try to be aware of all the unpleasantness and judgement that you will encounter. In the end, you will look into your own eyes and accept what you see. Osho said that after looking at yourself in the mirror for three weeks, you won’t see anything anymore. You’ve come to to terms with yourself, just the way you are.

Photo: Septian Simon