This is how you'll realise your deepest desires

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A warning: once you've read this article, nothing will stop you anymore. No time? No money? No energy? It's time to liberate yourself from these restrictive notions.

"I don't have the energy" 

The tiredness excuse is often used to stay stuck in old habits. Sadly, you don't have the energy to exercise in the evening or to cook a lovely meal, although you'd really like to. You're too tired to transform your garden into the small paradise that would make you so happy. Being convinced that you have no energy can very quickly turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more energy you put into thinking about your tiredness, the more tired you will feel. Usually the energy will start flowing automatically once you simply get to work. It's important to combat the tiredness virus with stimulating thoughts. The first step is to focus your attention on the thing you want to create instead of on what (you think) you can't do and haven't done yet. 

Change "I don't have the energy" into: "I live my life with passion and this passion fills me with energy." 

"It's just who I am" 

It's true that your past has made you into who you are now. Nevertheless it's an excuse if you keep using your childhood or your family genes to explain why you're not living your life to the fullest. If you can't elevate your thoughts about the past, you'll get stuck in them and you won't make your life into what it could be. Everything that happened is part of the past. Make your peace with whatever happened in your life, no matter how painful these experiences may have been, and decide not to let them hold you back any longer. That was then, you are now living in the present. 

"It's just who I am" becomes: "I live in the now, I can decide right now who I want to be and act accordingly." 

"I can't do it" 

What a pity if you don't realise your dreams ecause you are afraid that it will be too hard! You feel you're not good enough for that great job, not talented enough to paint, not strong enough to start a small hotel in France. This kind of fear paralyses many people. They would rather cherish the dream their whole lives than take the risk of seeing it fall apart. But what could possibly go wrong if you do what you wish to do the most? Research has shown that people who followed their hearts hardly ever regret doing the things they did, regardless of the degree of success. Most people mainly regret the things they have not done.

Change "I can't do it" into: "If I follow my heart, I can't go wrong." 

Photo: Averie Woodard

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