5 ways to live your life filled with wonder

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Living from a beginner’s mind is the main component of wisdom, according to Zen Buddhism. Because a beginner’s mind is an open mind: in the beginner's mind, everything is possible. How can you teach yourself to be a beginner again?

Stop going, start flowing

Having a beginner’s mind is not something you do, but something you allow. Today, crank down your drive a notch and relax. Sit back and let the abundance of the world flow in.

Do things differently

Lie in bed upside down, go see whatever movie is on at the cinema, spontaneously jump on the swing in the playground: it works.

Gentle power

Be curious today about everything that happens in your life, whether it is bitter or sweet. Wholesomeness and brokenness go hand in hand in our bittersweet life. Both will enhance the beginner’s mind: brokenness makes you gentle and wholesomeness makes you strong.

Turn poison into medicine

There are many stories in the Buddhist tradition in which poison is turned into medicine, weeds turn out tob e fertile compost, and arrows change into flowers. Learn tor egard setbacks as opportunities rather than obstacles. That traffic jam and the noisy neighbor are not merely annoying, they are also invitations for compassion.

The R-word

You may be right until you’re blue in the face, but you’d be miserably stuck in that rut. Today, choose compassion over being right.  

Text: Geertje Couwenbergh - Photo: Coley Christine

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