Why your heart will take you to your goal in life

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The spiritual grapevine is abuzz with his name: Bentinho Massaro, a young spiritual teacher, a new guru. His teachings empower the individual and the heart's truest desires. "There's an inner peace that never fails, a sense of freedom and joy." 

Your true self 

"I want to teach people to recognize the truth in themselves, that their true self is awareness. I don't want them to understand it intellectually, but to experience directly that there's an inner peace that never fails, a sense of freedom and joy. That ultimate state is always there, whether we feel it or not - just like the sky is always bright, even when it's obscured by clouds. Anyone can experience that state of peace.

Try it: if you let all your thoughts go, you will suddenly be in touch with awareness itself. You'll feel a presence that is aware, or an awareness that is present. If you reflect on that for a few moments, say 12 times a day, you'll notice a difference after just a couple of months. Because those brief moments of clarity will reveal more and more what you truly are." 


"People who say you're not allowed to have desires go against the flow of the source. We all come from that one infinite source from which everything is created. Even the source itself has a desire: to create creation. That source is manifested in all of us, wanting to experience itself in as many ways as possible. That source wants everything to be there.

So everyone is infinitely valuable, because we were created from a desire that came from the creator himself. We are all here to learn something new, to study one little aspect of creation, to express something of the source that wasn't there before. Every person's contribution is completely unique. It is possible to reach a state in which you no longer feel something is lacking - you feel completely fulfilled. But that doesn't mean you can't still long for something."

Text: Lisette Thooft  

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