Out now! Happi.body - A special issue by Happinez

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'Living stories: What we do, what we see, what we experience and know is reflected in skin and hair. In eyes, hands, feet and gestures. And so our wondrous bodies tell the stories of our lives.'

We are happy to share 148 pages of inspiration for a healthy life!
We all have plenty of energy - the question is how we use it. In this issue of Happi.body you learn how to use energy and recharge your battery at the same time. You can learn about self-compassion in the interview with Kristin Neff, how to make a start with decluttering your home, that running can make you zen, how to integrate mindfulness into your sex life, or about the benefits of green tea…

The more we learn about what gives us energy and what takes it away, the easier it is to set the right priorities. We wish you happiness!

Happi.body is available in stores worldwide, click here for our store locator or buy online.