Why your vulnerability makes you powerful

Happinez WebmasterComment

Powerful vulnerability is about having the courage to show who you are, to try new things and take the risk of failing. It's acknowledging that perfection doesn't exist, and that winning and losing are both part of life. 

Perhaps, when you were a kid, you believed all adults were self-confident, and that when you grew up, you would have the same confidence. I know I did. 

But as I grew older, I learned that being a grown-up means something else. It means accepting your own vulnerability, and no longer being ashamed of it. Besides, always choosing certainty and safety is dull. 

Brené Brown gave one of the most watched TEDtalks about the power of vulnerability and wrote a book of the same name. She comes clean about her own insecurities and mentions striking examples, research and observations, showing in a personal and essayistic way that vulnerability is anything but a weakness. 

I love how Brown also explains in detail how vulnerability can never be a means to ask for attention or to manipulate others. Powerful vulnerability is about the courage to show who you are, to try new things and take the risk of failure. It's acknowledging that there's no such thing as perfection, and that both winning and losing are part of life. 

Text: Susan Smit - Photo: Chris Ensey